Edit: shifted this post seven months back as my first just in case some wonders how did I started ‘racheeng’ & all

As the title says it all – I’M WE’RE SHIFTING!

‘Startofadance’ has been with me for the past three & a half years. Why the name? Simply because this blog was started right after my first anniversary with the boy & just as literal, our story began with a dance. Over the years my blogging style has changed & now I can confidently say, I’ve found my style. Nothing has made me happier than sharing my love for fashion style & outfits. Feels like I’ve grown out of ‘Startofadance’ & quote the boy “all these are meant to be kept in the heart”. So even though I’m changing, it doesn’t mean anything more than that.

My new URL’s more/ less decided but I’m still in the midst of preparing in getting the blog up. I’m definitely still staying with WordPress, but I’ve a few questions. Does anyone know if my followers will be brought over to the new site too/ I’ll have to start over again? Also, if I were to start a new blog, will this current one still be kept? Been looking for answers on the net but I’m hoping someone can give me a definite answer.

Meanwhile, do follow me on the various social media sites below! I don’t know if I’ll still have access to this blog when I change my blog address, so the best way would be to follow me on Twitter for any updates! If nothing goes wrong, I’m hoping to make the switch latest by end of this week. Please don’t forget me!

It’s December & so is my monthly snow flakes from WordPress activated again!
Simple reasons like this make me stay loyal to them.


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