As inspired by the one from I Spy DIY, my version’s a little different as I couldn’t find copper pipings. Improvised a little too by using a hook than a carabiner. Most of my supplies are bought from Chinatown. I really love the final look of it especially now when chunky necklace’s in fashion. Definitely seeing more of it in my outfit posts! Shall go over the steps now.

You’ll need:

– Thick Rope
– Three Metal Closures
– One Hook
– Friendship Band Strings

First place your rope in double loop with the ends in the middle. Thread your rope through the hook & place it at the end as above.

String the rope into the metal closures & tightened the closure with a hammer if needed.

Repeat the steps for the other two metal closuresd depending on where you’ll want to place them.

Lastly tie a strip of scotchtape at the other end without the hook for easy wearing; it prevents the rope from furring with all the hooking & un-hooking too.

The final look!
Those friendship band strings are for you to wrap around the rope beside the metal closures for extra pop of colour, just thread it through the metal closures & wrap it on both sides. Secure the ends with a glue gun.

Hope you guys love it like I do! Do leave a comment if you’ve any interesting D.I.Y ideas (:


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