Top (Bangkok), riding pants (AmericanApparel), shoes (Dr. Martens), bag (Bonia), necklace (spree).

The item I lust for so long’s finally on my legs – American Apparel Riding Pants. It’s just an item that all pants lover/ addict should purchase because it’s just so awesome. Got it in Size XS & it’s a little too long, guess for most asians, but problem solved with just cuffing up the ends. Love the high-waist length where it’s really high-waist & not like some pants that claimed high-waist but definitely not when worn. Paired it with the vintage long sleeves shirt I got in Bangkok, print’s are really pretty & perfect with the necklace I got from Th-Glitz. They sell really cheap accessories, by far the cheapest I’ve seen so do join their mailing list for spree updates! For shoes I know I want a black pair but was deciding between vintage Martens & Vegan, chose the vintage one in the end cause I wanted an all black bottom to elongate my legs. Heh.

Met my dear Jen today & we were the first to reach Modparade. The newly renovated store’s really nice, with all the vintage & quirky stuffs all around & level two expanded for more clothings which includes the online collection too! Bought a denim top/ jacket in addition to collecting my pants from them & finally took a photo with the owner – Fernnice. Really admire her a lot for founding Modparade till now. Am still a little sad that there’s lesser/ even no self-manufactured items in this recent months? I’m always going for her designs cause it’s always so special & out-of-the-box, really hope she’ll manufacture some designs soon!

It’s going to be tough, but we will pull through no matter what.


3 responses to “MY RIDING PANTS

  1. ♥ yepp.promise to pull through all these together.just wish i could be with you during the difficult times more often.

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