Swimsuit (BlackMilk), pants (OakhamMarket), blazer (Gmarket), shoes (ASOS), bag (PierreCardin).

What can I say, I’M OFFICIALLY A SHARKIE (: now that I own two pieces from BlackMilk. For those who aren’t sure what I’m talking about, basically ‘Sharkie’ is a term use to define BlackMilk owners/ fans. Wore my purple galaxy swimsuit out as a top (so comfortable) with yet another form-fitting pants & blazer on. Indeed I agree that wearing BlackMilk on the streets will invite a lot stares to it (warned before) cause it’s just so awesome. I know galaxy’s like a passed trend & I’m never quite into the cosmic wave but this piece is just so gorgeous, the print’s from a photo taken by NASA of an actual galaxy. So very cool!

Nice day out with the boy after a long time. Late lunch at Bugis+ Ramen Champion, as usual I chosed Gantetsu’s Miso Ramen with Butter & Corn. I’m one who loves corn so this definitely appeals to me & secondly, butter in ramen’s pretty much what I like. Their eggs are always the one that make me drool so much, cooked to perfection. Am going to master the skills for it, one fine day.

Bugis Junction has this charity event going on where one donates five dollars & you get a pair of personalised lego figurines; one for you to place on the lego floating platform & the other for keepsake. Ours were placed standing on the barricades, hopefully no one shifts them away nor anyone places theirs on it :/ all the others were sitting nicely on the platform, except ours. Outstanding much.

Today was lovely, & so will it be forever.


2 responses to “SWIMMING IN THE GALAXY

  1. hello there, your blazer is so pretty, is there any links where i can find this in gmarket? or any keywords? thank you !

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