Top (gift), pants (TheScarletRoom), shoes (Dr.Martens), bag (gift), necklace (spree), watch (ASOS).

I’ve been looking for a pair of white pants for the longest time. Trust me, white shorts are everywhere but white pants that’s affordable & good at the same time? Difficult. Thankful for TheScarletRoom for having a self-manufactured piece & the moment I saw it, I know I want it. But instead, I took part in their first ever ‘Like & Share’ contest on Facebook (only for the month of June) in hope of winning the pants & yes, I got it! I’ve a pair of white shorts from them too, worn at Jamie’s twenty-first; also under the TSR label & if I’m not wrong, the material’s similar which is really awesome. You guys should probably check out their clothings label (here!) really edgey & unique pieces that I love a lot. Back to the pants, the quality’s really good. Made with stretchy cotton that fits me well. I’m quite small size so finding a pair that fits can be really tough sometimes so I’m definitely recommending this pair, what’s more it comes in three sizes to fit everyone (: oh, did I meantion it’s high-waisted too? What’s not to love!

Paired with the lovely electric blue top from my BFFs JiaWei & Jodie, you girls truely know me so well. Dr. Martens bought by Mum & the ‘Zara inspired’ bag from dear Jamie. Despite the bag being quite small, I’m lovin’ it to bits, structured & pretty shade of brown. Sling strap’s slightly long so anyone who knows where to buy a cheap belt hole punch do let me know! Met bf for dinner at Old Airport Road, planned a long time ago, we were determined to have a sumptuous one. It was his first time eating that much cockles because I genuinely want him to enjoy such delicacy with me, I love cockles & if not for the high cholesterol, I would probably eat it everyday. Tau Huey for dessert, we personally prefer the store as seen in the above photo compared to Lao Bao, have no idea why people actually queue up when we honestly feel that 51’s better. Just saying.

P.S: Took part in TSR’s “Like & Share” this week too.

Simple night with you’s the best.


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