Top (D.I.Y), leggings (BlackMilk), shoes (Adidas), bracelet (H&M FAA), rings (Forever21, H&M).

“FAB’s a social media campaign to fight against bullying initiated by It is built to help student find a place where they can receive moral support from people alike or mentor who had managed to walk out of the dark shadow. The initiative to start FAB campaign comes from young generations who were bullied for their looks or the way they dress but have suceeded in surviving the torments and now ready to aspire and inspire other victims to stay true to their style and express their fashion sense.”

First ever D.I.Y shirt & it’s for a cause, dedicated to FAB. Honoured to be invited to participate in the launching of Fashion Against Bullying (FAB) & since then I’ve been preparing my white shirt & the perfect occasion to wear it out. I would say I’m really lucky to be here in Singapore where fashion bullying’s not as prevalent as so in other countries. We’ve uniforms from Primary all the way till Junior College & personal style’s only evident in Polytechnics/ Universities. We all have a unique dress sense; that’s how we express ourselves to the people & we too should respect others. Sometimes I get comments like “I really don’t get what you’re wearing” “weird” etc. but I’ve never take it to heart, it’s just another way of saying that I’m unique. The important thing’s to make the best out of it & having the confidence to try & bring out styles that not everyone dares to try. Werid stares & all, take it with a smile & give yourself that extra confidence (:

Show your support for FAB! Follow them on Twitter @supportFAB, like them on Facebook & contribute a look on the website.

Always remember: Don’t be afraid of showing your personal style; it is what makes you special amongst the norms.


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