Top (OakhamMarket), outerwear (HerVintageStore), pants (Modparade), shoes (Dr. Martens), bag (Bonia), watch (Fossil).

This has got to be one of my favourite spot for taking outfit shots. The graffiti wall gives the photos an amazing pop of colour, seems to blend in with my sweater. After mint pants, this has got to be my second pastel pants. Got it from Modparade & it’s the first item that I bought at retail price (though with 30% discount) despite being a huge fan. Lovely rabbit collared top scored at Oakham Market. Was deciding between denim/ white, eventually gave in to white cause I’m very much looking forward to the day where I’ll dress up in an all white outfit.

Tribal sweater I’ve won through a contest on HerVintageStore about six months ago? Yes I’m finally wearing it out because it’s the monsoon season, meaning rain’s falling non-stop in Singapore, meaning I finally have the chance to wear it out & not melt under the sun. The material’s pretty thick you see, if I’m not wrong it’s made of wool? Which means it’s authentically meant for wearing in cold countries. Shoes wise I’ve been putting on my Vegan 5027 very very often because it goes so well with all my outfit aka my style; I’m practically pairing all the socks I have with it at least once!

To more awesome photos!


2 responses to “BURROW LIKE A RABBIT

    • Hey I got mine from a local store Oakham Market. They just launched an online store recently, you might want to check it out here (:

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