Romper (H&M), outerwear, bag (Modparade), socks (HappySocks), shoes (Dr. Martens).

Whenever I put on shorts, it’s definitely one of the rare times. Mum got me this romper from H&M overseas probably a year ago? After three months of working, finally have a one week break & here I am with this casual look for the day. The most comfortable romper I have by far, made in such soft cotton. The cropped long sleeve’s from my favourtie online store, it came with a maxi dress but I’ve worn it as separates. Huge cut-out at the back, I’ve no idea why a design like this but I’d say it’s special in its own way.

I think the highlight of the whole outfit has to be the pairing of Happy Socks with Dr. Martens.


4 responses to “THE ROUND BACK

  1. This is definitely a look that comes from the details. I love the wrist-chain-thing around you watch, I’m not even sure what to call it only that it looks amazing and while I could never pull off shoes like that without looking about 12, I kind of like them on you.

    • Thanks Anni! That’s so sweet of you (: it definitely made my day. Your illustrations are amazing!

    • Omg thanks so much Victoria! You’ve no idea how surprised & excited I was to see your comment. You’re one of my favourite blogger & I’ve been following your blog all the while 😀

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