Happened to chance upon the leather cord bracelet online, remembered that I’ve a strip of leather lying at home so I got started on this D.I.Y. It won’t be for sale in my upcoming ‘Handmade With Love’ project cause I’m not confident that people will like it etc., in fact I’m not even sure if the others will be sellable.

You’ll need: Leather Strip, Embroidery Thread, Scissors/Penknife, Needle.

1. Cut the leather into thin strips & choose the colours you want.

2. Using the first colour, make a loop around the leather strip.

3. Continue to wrap the thread around till the desired length.

4. Using a needle, thread the ends underneath the wrapped area & cut off excess threads.

5. Repeat the steps for the various colours.

6. Tie a knot with the leather strip to end it off. Acts as an adjustable strap.

You can mix & play with the different designs (: I chose to do with just three colours & sequential pattern. Hope you all like it! I personally do love it a lot cause firstly, it’s a stick-free D.I.Y (i.e. no glue gun needed) & it’s a really versatile piece of accessory. I’ve been putting it on so often, what’s more it’s suitable for both guys & girls. Thinking of making one for the boy soon.


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