So we finally headed down to Riders Café after planning it for so long, ever since my friend Sheryl blogged about it. That’s how long we dragged. Was so excited to try out their eggs benedict after hearing so much about it, sadly we were too late for their ‘Early Birds’ meal (0800-1100) & settled for lunch instead. Bf tried the Riders Burger while I ordered the Market Fish. Personally felt that the Market Fish wasn’t very worth the price. In comparison, the Riders Burger was a better choice. Dessert’s a must whenever we’re out eating. Was introduced to try the Death by Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream (Most Popular Choice) but we ain’t a fan of chocolate cakes so we gave it a miss. The neighbouring table ordered it though & we were glad we didn’t take the risk. The serving’s huge & I’d say it’s a very chocolaty dessert; the bowl was filled with chocolate sauce, couldn’t really see the cake in it. Ended up ordering the Salted Caramel Cheesecake (replaced Dean’s Cappuccino Cheesecake on that day) & it was delicious. The slice’s pretty huge too which makes it perfect for two to share after the mains.

Definitely going back for their breakfast/ brunch on weekends.

P.S.: Do remember to request for window seats!
So glad we did, managed to catch a little trick by one of the horses in the stable (:


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