Rarely a D.I.Y on clothings, this has to be one of my proudest work. I’ve worn this denim shirt quite a few times & so it was time to give it a second life. Studs are pretty difficult to find in Singapore, most are the glued on ones & can be quite pricey so last month I placed an order on Studs And Spikes for various items. For this D.I.Y I used the Cones Standard English 77 Golden studs. The quality’s really good, not those which are soft & flimsy. This is really tough, hence the amount of strength you need to use while studding even though the shirt was of a relatively thin material. Shall not type further & move on to the steps.

You’ll need: Old Denim Shirt, Studs (40 in total), Pliers, Scissors, Shoulder Pads (optional).

1. Cut the sleeves away.

2. Lay your shirt flat on the floor & place your studs for a rough idea.

3. Start by studding the first row with the centre as guideline.

4. Highly recommend to use the plier & twist the studs in. Sheer strength can’t last you long.

5. Complete look on one side, it should be a triangle shape (fifteen studs used).

6. How the back looks like.

7. Repeat the steps for the other side.

8. Cut out the pocket buttons & replace with studs (five on each side).

9. (Optional) Sew the shoulder pads on.

The final look.

I personally love the shoulder pads on, just creates such an extra oomph. In fact I thought the paddings I got wasn’t thick enough. Here’s a tip for girls out there: if you happen to buy clothes/ bra tops with paddings in, you could use it as shoulder pads too (if you don’t use it for its original purpose that is), save the extra money. I thought of this only after I bought the shoulder pads when I’ve three pairs of such paddings lying around at home. Will probably use it for other clothings. Can’t wait to wear the vest out. Always wanted a denim vest & now I’ve one with studs on.  Simply awesome.


4 responses to “D.I.Y STUDDED DENIM VEST


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  3. Hi, I know this post is written 2 years back. But can I know where to get the shoulder pads from? I have searched quite afew places in singapore but couldnt find the right ones. I look forward to your reply. Thanks!

    • Sorry for the late reply! I got mine from Daiso, not sure if they still sell them though. Otherwise you can check out the DIY stores at People’s Park Complex near Chinatown!

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