Visited Blu Kouzina yesterday for my friend’s twenty-first & it was my first time trying Greek food. The ambience there is really great, got to sit at the second level as we booked quite a number of seats. The blue theme surroundings make it so cosy. Time for the food (in order of the photos)! My friend ordered most of the dishes for us, hence some I couldn’t really remember & can’t seemed to find one that fits into the description of the menu :/

Appetizers: Spanakopita (Phylo pastry filled with spinach, feta cheese & herbs); Pita Bread (Grilled pita bread with sea salt & paprika). My ultimate favourite has to be Spanakopita which sadly I didn’t managed to get a photo of it. Seems like I really love the combination of spinach with cheese. One of my ready-made pizza fave happens to be spinach with cheese too. The Pita Bread was delicious, I guess you eat it together with the spread (photo above) but I can’t seemed to figure out the name of it. Slightly salty in my opinion, the bread itself would be a good snack.

Salad: Maroulosalata (Thinly sliced lettuce tossed with dill, spring onion, extra virgin olive oil & lemon). It’s mainly made up of lettuce, a little on to the sour side for a salad but it’s really refreshing for a starter.

Mains: Bifteki stin sxara (Two beef patties grilled and served with lemon, onion, tomatoes & roast potatoes); Kalamaki Souvlaki (Beef kalamaki served with fresh onion, sliced tomato, in-house bread & lemon); Souvlaki me Pita (Beef kalamaki wrapped in pita bread with fresh tomatoes & red paprika); Psarika Anamikta (Seafood Platter: grilled Squid, three jumbo prawns, including an option of fish). There were six of us which explains the huge selection of mains. All are very yummy I would say. The beef patties were awesome, so were the wrap. Seafood was very fresh, & huge portion. Not a fan of prawns so I didn’t try it, but the squid was really grilled to perfection. If you’re a meat eater, do try out their Meat Platter when you’re there. The other tables ordered it & boy, it’s really meat overload.

Dessert: Galaktoboureko (Filo pastry filled with a semolina cream filling & topped with homemade syrup). THIS IS THE HIGHLIGHT even though I only get to eat a mouthful. I’ve a sweet tooth, so any dessert to me is very much loved. The homemade syrup is sooo good. Ok I admit it might be too sweet for some, but I’m sure most will love it. Just for the desserts, I’m definitely going down again. Certain.

Blu Kouzina Pte Ltd
893 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 589615

More information on their website here.


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