Finally visited Hatched with the boy. Took the shuttle bus from school to the Bukit Timah Campus (save on transport), the café’s about five mintues walk from the bus-stop. It’s quite small so not able to hold a lot of people. Perhaps the outlet at HollandV’s larger? Not too sure about that.

Ordered Sir Benedict & Burly Benedict for the mains. Believe it or not, it was my first time eating poached eggs. Sir Benedict was truly very delicious, the hollandaise sauce was super yummy. Can’t really compare cause I’ve not eaten others but for a first-time, it’s pretty good. Personally felt the poached eggs were too runny, a little to the imperfect side. Burly Benedict was just not to my liking. The beef was so salty, in comparison to the previous it was so bad in my opinion. Well I guess it’s subjective cause the boy thought it wasn’t too bad, in fact he like it.

Desserts we had our ultimate favourite Panna Cotta & their in-house special The Sleepover. The Panna Cotta was kind of different with the one we had at Saizeriya, this probably was chef made like the one from Bakerzin. There was chocolate drizzles on despite the menu showing strawberry drizzles. Would definitely prefer it without any, Panna Cotta itself is perfect. They had another in-house special but we chose The Sleepover, it’s french toast filled with bananas & bacon topped with maple syrup. Together with the maple syrup it really taste awesome. It was quite filling, the table beside us had this for mains, so if you’ve a small appetite (unlike us), do consider foregoing the mains for the desserts.

26 Evans Road
#01-06 Evans Lodge
Singapore 259367

To more good food!


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