(credits to respective Taobao owners)

So, some of the awesome stuffs I got from Taobao via Peeka. Peeka really do help save a lot of trouble & trust me, it’s very simple to place an order. All you need is the URL of the item you want & Peeka will help you retrieve all information instantly! Monoxious has a really detailed post on how to do that, check it out here. Basically you just type in the search bar on Taobao what you want & a few variations will appear; even better if you’ve a specific brand in mind. Cost saving’s definite compared to shopping on normal blogshops just that you’ve to wait awhile longer, works the same if you join a backorder for blogshops in my opinion. My order took about three weeks with about ten items in it (including sunglasses) & the shipping from China was SGD22.80, worth it I’d say cause Peeka delivers straight to your doorstep. I remembered tweeting on Tuesday that my items are in Singapore & less than an hour I receive a call from one of Peeka’s delivery man asking to deliver my items on the very same day, super efficient.

I’m already getting excited for my second order, wonderful place to get Christmas presents yea?

Do sign up here if you’re interested! Let me earn some referral points :/ thanks!


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