Second of my studs project. Was so inspired by HonestlyWTF, finally got the studs & time to do this D.I.Y. Definitely cost me much more time than the studded denim vest, probably due to the fact that the material’s thicker & it’s really difficult to twist the studs in when I can’t overturn my plimsolls inside out. This time I used the Cone Standard 1/2″ Silver studs which are broader, less pointed than the previous.

You’ll need: Pair of plimsolls/ sneakers, Studs (80 in total), Pliers.

1. Start by studding from the first row, one by one.

2. Completed side with 20 studs. Do the same for the other side & pair.

The final look.

Another of my proud baby. It’s really versatile & such an awesome way to spice up my plimsolls a little, just when I was getting bored of them. Looking for new studding ideas, do share with me if you’ve any! Oh, & I’ve around twenty studs cone studs left, leave a comment/ e-mail me if you’re interested in getting for your very own D.I.Y project.


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