Top (Modparade), pants (Taobao), shoes (FarEastPlaza), bag(NaRaYa).

Have been waiting for Modparade’s self-manufactured item for the longest time. The moment there’s one, I know I should get it. Not only to show my support, but because of the uniqueness of their designs, not easily spotted on the streets with someone wearing the same thing. Goes so well with the pants, yet another finally on my hands.

Admit it, NaRaYa‘s probably the most comfortable bag & at such a thrifted price. The huge gym look-alike bag was only THB330 (around SGD13), & able to fit all the stuffs I needed for mugging, such a steal isn’t it! Just like others I used to think their bags are not-so-stylish, till now I still think some designs are but there are definitely a lot nice ones around too. A must visit place when you’re in Thailand, retailing at an unbelievable cheap price.


4 responses to “POT OF DAISIES

    • Thanks so much dear, you’ve know idea how much your words mean to me! Du kommst aus Deutschland? I’m currently learning the language 😀

  1. yes i have to agree with you i LOVE naraya bags! went to bkk recently and now i really regret not getting more back. anyway, lovely style you have!

    • My family visit BKK at least once a year, the bags are just so amazing! You’ve amazing style too (:

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