(credits to feistheist.com)

This is heavily overdue but I still feel the need to share with you guys how amazing the Feist Heist Grab Bag is which  I got during the STClassifieds Fashion & IT Showcase 2012 (around end July?). Priced at SGD50 per bag; each consisting an outerwear, a dress & either two tops/ one top one bottom. Being a typical Singaporean, the first thing I did on a Saturday morning was to grab my ‘grab bag’, so happens that I had to work next door so all the more I’m able to get hold of one.

So my items were (from top left): Jacques Blazer in Black, Vlatka Dress in Red, Jalouse in Greige & Minsk in Grey. Very worth it I feel! Now I can’t wait for the month of December where I can get more grab bags, I personally do love them because firstly, you save quite a bit of money & secondly, it saves me the hassel on thinking what should I buy.


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