OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInspired by A Pair & A Spare. Been putting this project on hold cause it’s so difficult to find the PVC sheet. Got it off Taobao straightaway after chancing upon it, cost about SGD12 per yard (shipping included). Shall not leave the steps down, 90% similar to what Geneva has done & I used her dimensions as well.

Just two major differences:
#1 Used nuts & bolts instead where you can get from any hardware store, it has the same effect & cost cheaper. Got a whole box of them at just SGD2.50.
#2 For the opening I used a magnetic closure. Took it out from one of my old clutch. Total cost = SGD0 (Recycle!)

Some tips:

  • Buy a good multi-hole punch. This project’s a fairly simple one but I took longer than expected cause it’s so difficult to punch through the PVC with my not-so-good equipment. Wasted a lot of energy too.
  • The holes are actually symmetrical, thus it’ll be better if you punched all the holes on one side, fold your PVC into half & gauge the holes for the other side.

Don’t be deceived by its look, able to carry my Olympus Pen which is the most important factor. Now it’s waiting for me to bring it out for visiting.


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