(credits to respective Taobao owners)

(credits to respective Taobao owners)

Just realised this time it consist of mostly brand inspired stuffs. The A.Wang-esque shoes I’ve been eyeing; so the moment my good old oxfords gave way – the perfect excuse. My most expensive purchase from Taobao thus far, supposedly real leather & I’m hoping it’ll be good. The other two shirts which I really love. First the McCartney-esque embroidery shirt & just a plain peter pan collar shirt for layering. Thinking of cutting the sleeves & cropping the length a little. What do you think? That’s all I got this time round, the little sister got herself three dresses too.

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6 responses to “TAOBAO EPISODE FOUR

    • Hi Jocina!

      I guess it’s true to local sizing for this pair? I’m a usual Size 36 but for pointed shoes/ heels I tend to get Size 35 cause I’ve slim feet. I got this pair in Size 36 & sadly it’s a little loose for me hence the need for padding. Would have been better if I sized down I guess.

      Hope this helps!

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