H&M Garment CollectionWon’t deny that I do have quite an amount of clothing; other than selling some, most I would donate. I’ve been donating to The Salvation Army but sometimes I do wonder if they really donate/ re-sell the clothes i.e put them to good use. So when H&M came up with the garment collection initiative, I was thrilled. Happy that such a huge fashion chain is being committed in saving the environment and of course spreading the message of recycling, not just plastics & papers but textiles. Call me ignorant but I never knew that as much as 95% of textiles & clothes could be re-use. The initiative was initially only available overseas but now it has come to Singapore & so on Thursday I headed down with a small bag (5-6 pieces) to recycle.

Initially I do feel a little embarrassed? Deep down in my heart I was wondering if the H&M staffs would judge me/ the type of clothing I brought to recycle but fret not, the staffs are really nice. In fact when I present the voucher for my purchase, the staff asked me if I’ve any more clothing to recycle. Guess they are really glad to see people recycling. If there’s any items you’re eyeing from H&M, do remember to bring down your old clothes & get some rebate! Of course even if you’re not & would like to clear your wardrobe, recycle them instead of throwing it away!

How it works? Basically upon reaching  H&M, approach any staff & say that you want to recycle your clothes. Place the bag of clothes in the recycle bin & a rebate voucher (SGD10 off SGD80 spent) will be issued to you. The voucher’s valid for any items, including sale items! Here’s the best part: H&M accepts any type of clothing. By any I mean any brand, regardless of quality & condition. Maximum of two bags per day.

For a more sustainable fashion future.


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