(credits to respective Taobao owners)

(credits to respective Taobao owners)

I’m actually really excited to share my hauls this time, reason being it’s all clothes. Past orders have been a mixture of clothes & others thus it was really difficult to gauge how does shipping differ. So this time I resisted the temptation of every other things & placed an order purely for clothes, partly cause I needed more clothes for my internship (excuses). So with an order of twelve pieces of clothing, ten pairs of socks & a pair of heels, shipping (China-Singapore) was only around SGD20 with doorstep delivery! Amazing isn’t it? Personally I feel it’s really worth it cause shipping is based on volume of the box & since clothes are compressible, Peeka takes the effort to make sure that any extra space is maximised.

Just a tip for future buyers: if you’re intending to get clothes & shoes, put all clothes in an order & the others in another, this will definitely maximise the space of the box!

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6 responses to “TAOBAO EPISODE FIVE

  1. hey there, thanks for posting on taobao, v helpful to noobs like myself indeed. any taobao shops that you reccommend? btw love your style! =)

    • Hey! I don’t usually frequent any TB shops in particular, it’s always when I see something I like, then I’ll search for the cheaper alternatives. But if you’re into European brands inspired items I’ll recommend this shop: price wise it’s really good but I’ve yet to receive my items from them hence unable to comment on the quality.

      Really thank you for reading! Always good to know that there are readers out there who likes what I post!

  2. Hey! Really love and appreciate all your posts 🙂
    Do you think it is cheaper to buy loots from taobao via sprees conducted by websites like or via peeka? I am not sure of how the dimension for peeka shipping works and neither can i check how much will the entire shipping be. I am afraid it’ll sum up to $30> 😦 usually i buy 6 pieces of clothing and 1 bag, 1 pair of heels.

    • Hi Delin!

      I can’t really comment on sprees but if you’re getting quite a number of items instead of one/ two pieces, maybe you should consider purchasing them on your own instead (: from what I see the spree you mentioned has the usual costs Peeka charges.

      Rates from Peeka are fairly simple:

      1. Item Price in SGD = [Price + Shipping in RMB] ÷ 4.70 x 1.07
      (4.70 being the current SGD-RMB rate on Peeka & multiply by 1.07 to include GST for economic shipping)

      2. Handling fees = $5/ 5% of total amount as calculated above, depending which is higher.

      That’s pretty much all for first payment which requires about deposit of 80% of total amount in SGD [1+2]

      As for second payment it includes the remaining 20% + shipping from China-Singapore. I highly doubt economic shipping cost will go above SGD30 as I’ve placed rather large orders before & the highest was SGD29.16 but that was because I purchased a hiking bag which wasn’t that compressible. Clothes usually don’t take up much volume so it should be alright. As for bags I guess it depends on the type? If it’s non-compressible then it takes up more space.

      The best way would be to visualise a box size & imagine how you can stuff the items in haha funny but true! Purchasing on your own also cuts down third party handling time as it reaches to your doorstep instead of having to wait for the spree-er to collate & mail out the items.

      Hopefully this is of some help. Feel free to ask me anything else when in doubt!

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