(credits to Zara)

(credits to Zara)

I’m certain almost every single Lookbook-er owns at least a pair of this, regardless from Zara/ inspired ones. Sadly, I succumbed too. It took me a really long time to decide as eighty percent of the time you’ll catch me in pants, shorts are almost non-existent in my wardrobe till the extent that the boy gets very surprised when he sees me in one. But the versatility of this particular pair is so amazing, I couldn’t resist. Was deciding between black/ white & guess what? I got both because it’s only at a fraction of a price on TB.

Never a fan of getting ‘inspired’ items, especially so when the original’s at a pocket-friendly price; this time, it’s the sizing. Zara should probably consider manufacturing XXS for Asians, so many gorgeous printed pants I’m in love with yet unable to fit in. Definitely a piece of good news for my bank account though.


4 responses to “ZARA MINI SKORT

    • Yea it’s like everyone has them which was why I was reluctant at first, but it’s really so versatile! Guess I got tempted by the endless styling and the price, shall see what I can do with it (: thanks for reading still!

  1. Hi babe, do the taobao sizes follow zara’s (they do run really large)? Or are they sized the China way? Somehow every time I use the cm measurements I tend to get the wrong sizes from taobao 😦

    • Hi dear! I haven’t receive my items yet, probably needs another two weeks/ so ): yea agree that the measurements for TB tend to be a little off for some stores, I’ll suggest you look at the reviews for the best advice! That’s what I’ll always do, it really helps; especially so when there’s photo reviews/ when the height & weight of the person’s stated (:

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