Blackblessed x Ivania Carpio

Blackblessed x Ivania Carpio2

(credits to BLACKBLESSED)

I’ve been a huge fan of Ivania ever since I discovered her blog via her collaboration with TSR, major love her style & the amazing thing? She wears mostly white apparels & accessories. Each time her outfit is so inspiring, least say her D.I.Ys. Am actually really excited about her capsule collection for BLACKBLESSED, every pieces are what I’d personally wear, especially lovin’the cocoon jacket! Contemplating to get a few items if my bank account allows.

No one will be able to introduce the collection better than the designer herself, so below’s the excerpt from her blog:

/The Pant-Skirt
I came up with this about a year ago. After I made a leather wrap skirt but found out how it often didn’t fit into my daily life. Riding my bike, running after my kid, was impossible in such a short stiff skirt. The back seam that it had sparked the idea of splitting the skirt into two legs, creating shorts with an overlapping skirt-front.

/The Jacket
Still obsessed with an anti-shape, unfeminine silhouette the jacket in this collection had to be a boxy one. I stripped it from as much as possible; no collar, no visible seams, some seams edges left unsewn, no pockets. Even got rid of some seams altogether on the front and merged the pattern into one big panel, creating a nice fold instead of a seam under the arm. And though it might look like you’re not carrying anything, the inside of this jacket is packed with secret compartments; a zipped pouch, a place to put your phone and some slits to hold your cards.

/The Bag
Backpacks I love because of their practicality, clutch bags I love because of their lightness, to tuck them under your arm when you’re carrying little. But sometimes you can’t plan your day, your luggage might get bigger or smaller and you’re stuck with the wrong bag. Packing for trips I also only like to take one bag that will be suitable for all situations. So I came up with this simplistic rectangular bag (can you see the paper lunch bag influence?) with detachable straps. You can wear it as a backpack, reposition the straps and use it as a shoulder bag, or take off the straps and fold it (or roll it like that lunch bag) into a clutch.

“I decided to make basic pieces that are all about functionality. They are very simplistic but if you look closely, you’ll see that they all secretly have more than one function.”          -Love Aesthetics

If you love the collection like me, do check out her blog @ Love Aesthetics!



  1. That hair color is just perfect! I have changed my hair color to blonde but keeping it that platinum blonde would be just impossible for me as I have quite dark brown hair myself. 🙂

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