(photos taken by Kelly)

(photos taken by Kelly)

Catsuit: BlackMilk | Boots: Dr. Martens | Bag: D.I.Y

Got to love this parrot sweater I got from *SCAPE underground for only SGD6. Intended to pair it with leggings since it isn’t long enough to be worn as a dress, then came the thought “why not with my BM catsuit”. & it so happens the red of my boots actually matched the red parrot, perfect!

This was my outfit to LB sale, the catsuit makes it easy to try on clothes too (inner-auntie). Managed to get a few good buys, especially Jasper Jumpsuit from Sheila Sim x LB collection, grabbed them in two colours, that’s how much I love it! The  length’s really long though, got to alter it first before having them in my outfits.


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