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Christmas came early, again. My largest order till date, seems to get larger each time which is really bad. Kind of my ‘back to school’ buys thus less shirts, but pants are definitely a necessity for me; black seems to top the colour chart this time round. The little sister bought around ten pieces too, which makes it a total of twenty-eight pieces of clothing, a pair of heels & five small accessories. Shipping cost (SGD25.25) was higher as compared to previous but with the number of items, I feel it’s really worth it. Especially so when the heels were pretty bulky. Don’t you think it’s gorgeous? Been looking for it in every possible sprees to save the hassle but of course, where’s better than the mighty land of China.

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8 responses to “TAOBAO EPISODE SIX

    • Thank you dear, I’ll review the items as I wear them in my outfit posts, remember to check back often!

  1. Hi! Do you have the link to the orange dress above? (Third row, second from the right) Can I have it please?:)

    • Hi Beatrice!

      I get my shoes from anywhere & everywhere! Normally I’ll do a Taobao search for the ones I want, Google Translate helps!

    • Hi dear!

      Sadly the item’s no longer available from the seller I got from, can’t exactly remember what I searched for but you can try “欧美尖头粗跟高跟鞋” as it’s an inspired piece from Celine. Quality’s good, supposedly real leather but I’ve no idea if it really is.

      Hope this helps!

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