Boyfriend JeansOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou’ve probably seen them very frequently in my outfits, abused to its limits after each wash. Definitely going with me to my year-end trip in a month’s time. There’s a crazy number of ways to style them but these three are nonetheless my top favourites.

#1 The ‘Feminine’ Look – Instead of going for the whole masculine look, pair it with a ladylike top like the peplum. Love how the outfit turned out; in fact I’m one who pairs peplum with pants instead of skirts & I must say they look really good.

#2 The ‘Androgynous’ Look – This has to be my favourite out of the three, just suits my character perfectly. I must admit I didn’t expect it to look this good when I picked out the pieces. Those small surprises you get when you go with your instinct.

#3 The ‘Pyjamas’ Look – For lazy days where you simply don’t feel like mixing & matching pieces together. Pretty much the reason why you should own a pair of boyfriend jeans, simply because they look awesome even with just a shirt.


13 responses to “3 WAYS TO WEAR | BOYFRIEND JEANS

    • Hahaha I do agree my legs don’t look at its best but I really do love the overall look, perhaps a pair of heels will make it look better but then it would be another style then. Thank you for reading, really appreciate the comment!

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