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(credits to

Fashion has always been expressed by cities. Blog and the city (BATC) brings the most influential and the best fashion blogs from around the entire world into just one platform, focusing on the personal style bloggers. It is interesting to relate bloggers and cities together, since a fashion city can be a determining factor for the bloggers possibilities in the fashion industry. The aim of this platform is to show the most influential personal style bloggers and relate them to the cities they are living in.

Last year August I had the privilege to be invited by Tao of Sophia, founder of BATC, to write a column for the site. Fast-forward to now, it’s being published!  The five-month wait was mostly my bad as I kept dragging the deadline due to school work, definitely have to thank Sophia for being so patient in waiting. Having said that, this might not be of anything to others but a huge milestone for me, looking forward to more opportunities in the coming year!

Got to know the site only after Sophia’s invitation and believe me, I regretted not knowing it earlier. BATC certainly exposed me to a lot more personal style bloggers other than the usual ones. What’s more it’s being categorised according to cities; which means all I need is just a click to know more about the style & fashion of the city I’m heading to. Did I mention that they compile trends too?

Trust me, head over to BATC now. Read my column (and others) then surf the site, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it too.


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