(credits to respective Taobao owners)

(credits to respective Taobao owners)

Officially the largest order & probably the maximum I’ll ever reach cause shipping went way over SGD30  this time round. Imagine the shock I had cause my previous ones have all been below the amount. This doesn’t mean it’s expensive, still cheap with the number of items I got. This time it consisted of items from myself, little sister and three other friends with a mixture of clothing and shoes. I guess the shoes do take up a larger volumetric weight hence the increase in shipping. Totally forgotten about the SGD400 limit for imports & luckily I didn’t get taxed, perhaps the 7% GST charge for Peeka already accounted for it?

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8 responses to “TAOBAO EPISODE EIGHT

    • Hi Jasmine! Bought the bag here. As for the white turtleneck, the seller I got from no longer sells it anymore, sorry!

  1. Hello! 🙂 Do you mind sharing where you got your shoes from? They are really pretty!


  2. Hi, can if ask how many items do you have in this order? Try to estimate my shipping peeka vs daigou.


    • Hi Jiayin! For this particular order I had 35 pieces of clothing, three pairs of shoes and two bags (one big one small); shipping alone summed up to SGD37.44. Had quite bulky items like sweaters and blazers so if your clothing are not as bulky it should be cheaper, hope this helps!

    • Nopes, amount stated is purely shipping cost as stated in Peeka’s invoice. The 5% agent fee is already charged to the total amount purchased way before the shipping cost is given. Hope this is clear!

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