OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATop: AforArcade | Jeans: from Bangkok | Blazer, shoes: Taobao

This is it; coming to the end of sixteen years of studies. Last Sunday marked the last trip to the library for studying purposes. Been visiting the place since secondary school each time there’s an exam coming up, will definitely miss it but won’t want to be heading back there anytime soon. So job hunt begins now, but first, allow me to rest and indulge in all the things that I’ve been putting off.

P.S.: Hitting the big hundred soon & we’ll be shifting… as soon as it happens.


2 responses to “ONE CLOSED CHAPTER

  1. Do you mind sharing the link for the blazer babe? And do you have Instagram? Can’t seem to find any link to your Instagram here! Would love to check out your outfits!

    • Got the blazer here! Sadly I’ve no Instagram account at the moment but I’ll post it here if I ever have an account one day, thanks for the love!

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