(credits to respective Taobao owners)

(credits to respective Taobao owners)

Significantly lesser items than before because this time I didn’t purchase via Peeka, instead I had my first experience in purchasing straight using the international forwarding service as provided by Taobao SEA. This means there’s no need for large/ huge orders just to make up volume in order to save for shipping. Now I’m able to place orders more frequently and the items arrive faster too. Was thinking of doing a post up on how to shop direct from Taobao SEA but I’ve found and used a really good guide online and it’s really comprehensive, so head over here to learn! Trust me, it’s almost perfect.

Just some thoughts of my own:

#1 I’d still purchase heavy items like shoes from Peeka, despite the 3-week wait, since direct purchase charges shipping based on weight. Shoes being heavier than clothing in nature, will definitely cost much more to ship by weight. However if unlike me, you’re eager for your items and unwilling to wait, then purchasing direct will be the way to go.

#2 Everything is self-managed when purchasing direct. Meaning you’ve to check the status of your packages from various Taobao sellers and upon all reaching the China warehouse, you’ll have to consolidate and arrange them for forwarding to SG, all by yourself. This also means, if you’re not one who is proactive in managing your orders, purchasing via an agent (e.g. Peeka) will be better.

#3 I guess clothing in general has lesser defects. But if you’re purchasing accessories/ glassware, I’d highly recommend purchasing via Peeka as they do basic inspection for items that reached their China warehouse. The items I received this time were completely unopened i.e. in their original packaging which was sent out from Taobao sellers, thus I do believe there’s no checking/ whatsoever on the forwarding agent’s part. Of course by purchasing direct you’re able to manage your own refund if unluckily, there’s defects. But I’d think it’s a huge hassle.

#4 The shipping rates offered by the forwarding service beats Peeka’s express shipping hands down. I tried 7-day express via Peeka but it wasn’t that express either, what’s more the shipping charge was really expensive at around SGD4.50 per piece. This time my order weighed 6.37kg (charged to the nearest 500g i.e. 6.50kg) and cost SGD35.66. Really worth it in my opinion and delivery was fast; received my item in a week’s time since order placed. Pretty much equivalent to the waiting time when purchasing from local blogshops.

That’s all for now, will share more as I think of them!


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