Apologies for the mini hiatus, was home for the past week due to minor renovations which explains the lack in outfit posts. July was bad with only three, hopefully August will be better.

Anyway I first saw this top on Savina and after knowing it was from COS, I made my way down to the store in Ion only to see the one in white on the racks. Never thought I’ll ever be able to get hold of it until I saw it on the previews in Eight Slate’s debut collection. So glad that she decided to remake it and at a fraction of the original price. Love that the lightweight chiffon’s perfect for the sunny weather yet it isn’t a least bit sheer because of the pleats. Most importantly, it’s so easy for hand washing. Bonus points for that!

P.S.: Do visit Eight Slate if you’re a fan of minimalist clothing; guarantee you’ll fall for them just like how I did.


6 responses to “PRESSED PLEATS

  1. Looking great as always! I love your choices and your style is so distinct. I’m a massive fan of structured pieces and you have an amazing collection of trousers. I often find it difficult to buy pants in a petite size with the right fit. It’s a little bit easier now that there are Asian clothing stores online and I don’t have to travel to go shopping! Hope the job hunting prospects are looking good for you! Sonia x

    • Awww thank you so much Sonia! You definitely made my day with your comment! I’m pretty much a trousers addict myself hence always on the lookout for them. Maybe you can try buying from Singapore’s online shops that ship internationally? Local sizing tend to be smaller than Aussie/ American sizing which means the perfect size for us!

      • 🙂 You are super stylish! Any tips of good quality online stores in Singapore? I’m happy to also pay a bit extra for quality too. One brand I loved in HK and found in Singapore was actually ebase, but I can’t find a way to buy the brand online. 😦

      • Oh Ebase withdrew from SG a long time ago! They were quite a hit during my secondary school days but slowly died down. I personally shop from local label Feist Heist a lot; their clothing are self-manufactured hence unique designs but sadly they don’t do many trousers. TheScarletRoom has a huge variety of both self-manufactured and imported clothing of good quality. If I’m not wrong, their international mail rates are one of the lowest around! Sometimes I get bottoms from AforArcade as they always have petite sizing and quality’s good too. You can try browsing Zara/ H&M/ ASOS during sale, always manage to get a good piece or two!

      • Thanks for the great tips! I will definitely check out those sites! After reading your posts before I looked at The Scarlet Room, so I’m interested in seeing your other recommendations 🙂

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