(photos taken with iPhone4S)

(photos taken with iPhone 4S)

Motion Bell Sleeve Top: Eight Slate | Pants: ASOS | Shoes: Charles & Keith | Bag: Taobao

2015 has been nothing but great so far; might be starting on my actual job scope earlier than I thought so. On one hand I’m excited yet on the other there’s this fear of getting things started but well, the start is always the toughest and I’ll get through it, somehow.

So my camera officially died but that doesn’t stop me from updating here. Got to love fuss-free pieces that look deceivingly simple yet stylish at the same time. There’s just this adoration that I have for side slits, if you guys still remember Blaise from FH? It’s another wardrobe staple and I actually bought both colours of it. Of course am not intending to stop at just one for this too.


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