Became a MRS on this very special day and thought it will be good to share the vendors that we engaged (since most are under the radar but definitely deserve all the credit). Right from the start we know that the standard hotel package is not for us, hence venue searching started almost a year and a half prior. We’re quite the decisive couple so we did not bother window shopping for vendors either, in fact most we went with our gut feel based on portfolios and first impressions.

Disclaimer: I personally enjoy event planning (and a little controlling) hence being an à la carte bride was the obvious choice. If event planning is not your thing, you might consider engaging an external coordinator.

Note: all collaterals designed by yours truly

Venue – Maison Miaja

Can I just say this place is everything that we were looking for – white space, blank canvas, natural light. It is truly one of a kind and you’ll not be able to find a close alternative. Venue was the toughest for us as we had all the other vendors in mind but could only nail them down after we confirm where and when our wedding will be. We’ve been to a few other places but never quite felt the same way we did with Miaja. Point to note though – Miaja’s purely venue rental. You’ll need to manage your vendors directly or engage an external wedding coordinator. They do have a list of preferred vendor which might help ease your planning load a little as they will be more familiar with the Gallery.

Tables/Chairs – Tiffany Chairs Rental

Yes we got to source for our own tables and chairs but it wasn’t difficult. Our caterer is able to provide them but we did the math and realised it is cheaper to manage on our own. TCR is one of the more reputable company in the market, and also competitive pricing. Sebastian and his team were very helpful during set-up and tear down which we really appreciate. Do note that you’ll need to iron your own table linens if you’re particular about the creases as they do not provide the service (got my caterer to do it instead). The only concern I had was the table linens have scallop hems instead of the usual straight cut which was not stated on the website or communicated beforehand.

Caterer – Tim’s Fine Catering

We got to know Tim’s from one of our prior venue hunt and was strongly recommended again by Miaja. Have approached a few caterers who does plated fine dining and Tim’s remains to be the most budget friendly. We eventually went with a four-course menu that was curated for us – they’re very open to ideas and willing to incorporate elements should you have any specific request. Received compliments for the food as well as the service throughout our lunch reception – their staff were very friendly and helpful. Only minor setback was that the sea bass was served cooled, probably due to the large crowd we had (105 pax).

Cake – Sarah’s Loft

Those who know us personally will know that a real wedding cake IS A MUST. Sarah’s Loft was the only baker we approached and they nailed the brief – was looking at rustic designs but wanted something simple with less foliage. Managed to pick different flavour for each tier and our guests enjoyed every bit of it. Love how the entire cake blended in so well with the venue’s aesthetics.

Live Band – VETTA

The string quartet was definitely an indulgence but we do not regret a single bit. Cost way higher than traditional live band or even simply playing from Spotify, but the impact it achieved far outweighs the costs. As cliché as it is, it has been a childhood dream to walk down the aisle with Canon in D and VETTA was the perfect choice for it. The entire ambience was great, I guess it helps that our venue was so suited for the quartet. Bernice has been very helpful right from the start – always easily contacted via Whatsapp and even came down on our AD to ensure that everything was running smoothly.

Stylist – 8dec

Not a fan of flowers so engaging a florist was never on my mind. We wanted something sustainable that minimises wastage and hopefully, resuable. Chanced upon 8dec on Instagram and immediately I knew I’d want them as my wedding stylist. The rest was history the moment we met up with Pei Li, she has exactly the same vision with the venue without us having to say much. We provided Pei Li with a general moodboard and she was able to advise on the feasilbility based on her experience. She’s such a joy to work with and really talented – though it’s her first time doing the paper fronds, she nailed it perfectly. Our guests were also able to bring home the table deco as additional favour at the end of our reception.

Illustration – @branchesandstrokes

The Gallery has huge white walls where we are allowed to display artworks. Instead of printing photos directly, we decided to engage Jane to illustrate 8 images which we can repurpose in our future house. Besides illustration, Jane does calligraphy as well (very reasonable rates) – do check her out!

Photographer – andri tei

Every one knows how important the PG is for your big day, especially so for us as we initially thought of doing without a VG. Having chanced upon Andri’s profile I knew he was the only choice, which explains why he was the very first vendor we booked. As our venue wasn’t confirmed yet, he was very kind to reserve our date for us. Andri also made the extra effort to visit our venue the day before (while we were setting up) to familiarise himself with the place as well as adjust any required lighting. For brides who hate PGs who are always in your face, you’ll definitely love Andri – throughout the reception we felt really at ease, he might only be a one-man team but moves around like a ninja to ensure all corners are covered (my friends can attest to that). He’ll be the perfect choice if you’re not a fan of staged moments and just simply want to capture the best moments of your guests.

Videographer – JH PIX

PG was the first we booked, but VG was the last. We were sitting on the fence as photos speak so much more to us as compared to video. Moreover we did not have a typical wedding day schedule i.e. no gatecrash/ fetch the bride. Eventually we decided to proceed as we wanted an unplugged ceremony, which potentially means a lack of documentation on social media. Our requirement for VG was very simple – pure documentation of the day without any staged scenes or excess filters. Found Justin’s profile a while back and have always kept it at the back of my mind. We were lucky when he’s still available just a month prior. The video speaks for itself – to brides who are reluctant to spend a bomb on VG, Justin will be your perfect fit. His rates are one of the lowest that I’ve inquired and honestly with the video quality, it’s worth every penny.

MUA – katzhangmua

The look I wanted was totally opposite of bridal – clean minimal sleek. I knew Kat was up for it looking at the number of editorial and brand shoots she has under her portfolio. We had a trial session over at her studio, where she’ll take the time to understand your skin condition and preferences. Depending on how the trial make-up lasted, Kat will make minor tweaks on AD based on the feedback you provided. The make-up lasted throughout my reception despite the many teary moments. Best thing about Kat is the more unique a look is, the more excited she gets, thus do not be afraid to show her your ideal moodboard regardless how out of the box it is.

Wedding Favour – Kindred Teas

Out of all the weddings that we’ve attended, probably only 10% of the favours were brought home, mostly edibles. Since sustainable is one of our priority, the last thing we want was to have leftover gifts on the table gone to waste. Being tea lovers, a tea bar was the most ideal way to go. Our guests had fun in making their own tea blend, especially so for the old folks as it was novel to them. In fact our tins ran out way way before the reception ended, some guests probably took more than they’re supposed to. The best part? Leftovers in the jars will be kept by the vendor hence minimising any wastage.

Jumpsuit – Caramel & Co.

Wedding gown was never an option – I knew I’ll walk down the aisle in pants, just in the form of a suit or jumpsuit. Eventually decided on jumpsuit as those who know me will know how obsessed I am with them, it is the signature look. Mel was up for it the moment we met, showed her my moodboard and almost immediately she drew what I thought was the perfect cut. A lot of technique was put into the deceivingly simple piece. Details at the neckline down to the back, not forgetting the detachable train that gave me a total of three different looks. It was so enjoyable to work with Mel, she’s definitely easy to communicate with and very open to ideas, do not worry about telling her how you really feel. All gowns are also entitled to an exclusive post-wedding redesigning service where you can convert it to a more wearable piece. Sustainable – checked ✓

Suit – In Personam CC

A well-tailored suit makes the man. In Personam suit price might be way above average but you get what you paid for. Sam’s philosophy is in-line with ours – a good suit will last you for years and in SG where the weather is always hot, comfortable and breathable is key. We didn’t want to just get a suit for the big day and have it sitting in the wardrobe thereafter, it has to be wearable on a daily basis hence we decided on a linen version. There were four fittings, excluding initial consultation session – that’s how meticulous Sam is. Each fitting he made minor changes just to ensure it is the perfect fit. Haven’t been to other tailors thus unable to make a comparison but quote the husband “it’s the most comfortable pair of pants I ever owned”.

JP – Ms Joanna Portilla

Bilingual, simple and straight to the point were some of the key points we looked out for. Been to a couple of ceremonies and more often than not felt that the JPs were unimpressive. Long-winded ones aside, most were very experienced yes, but I felt that experience also made them lost the authenticity in delivering their speech – a lot felt rushed and rehearsed. This was totally not the case with Ms Joanna, which we were super grateful to have (the feminist in me secretly preferred a female JP). She would encourage couples to write your own vow and has a list of examples that you can refer to. She was also one of the few JP that agreeed to standing ceremony i.e. signing without table and chair setting. Most JPs only allow booking 3-4 months prior but we approached Ms Joanna 8 months before to soft-book and final confirmation 3 months before. Would recommend brides to approach your choice of JP early as some will be more than willing to hold the dates for you.

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